Sunday, August 19, 2012

Quit the attack on sanitizer!

I keep reading articles about how we are "over sanitizing" our lives. I can understand the concern. Our immune systems need to work or they will start attacking themselves, blah blah blah. It makes sense. There is probably truth to it. But what I read is that we should stop using hand sanitizer so much. And that my friends is where I have a problem. Hand sanitizer is my sanity! We spend a lot of time out in public and all I think about is "Who has washed their hands?" There are a lot of nasty people out there. (Sorry if you are one of them and I just offended you!) People that look clean, but maybe don't wash their hands effectively. I have NO PROBLEM with germs, I have problems with people!! I people watch while we are in public restrooms. I compare how others wash their hands and this note is my favorite, it's posted on a wall in the bathroom of a place I frequent "Are you a washer, or a walker?" Yup, posted right next to the door! I love the idea of my immune system fighting the germs that enter my body. I take good care of my immune system with vitamin C and echinacea. That does not put to rest my mind that says "You just used a public washroom, why on earth do you think a quick rinse with water is going to wash off those POOP germs you just got from the toilet?" Now, my next thought is "What are you going to go contaminate with your unclean hands, and what if I touch it?!?"

I was recently a bit traumatized when I visited a forest preserve. A bathroom break was a must and we entered the little brown building, I was appalled when I went in to find HOLES in the ground with a toilet seat over it and NO SINKS! GAH! I tried to be an adult and I tried not to panic and I tried to remember that people DO infact live this way, and they did for many years before hand sanitizer was so conveniant. I couldn't help but think how often people need to use the washroom while picnicing and it was too much! I could not wrap my head around how I was expected to use a step above a port o potty and be ok to go on with my day without washing my hands?!?!? I bee lined to the car where I had my purse, which carried my sanitizer and just to set the record straight, I had a back up supply of sanitzier in my center console! HA! My peace of mind was much more important that allowing my immune system to do it's job IF (I can barely even say it!!) I happened to ingest any germ that was in that unsanitary bathroom!!

I will admit I am a bit prissy, I am not fond of dirt, however, I have two kids, one of which is a boy and we are completely accustomed to outdoor life. My kids get dirty like everyone else's kids (Well, maybe not like everyone else, they get sort of "clean dirty" if that makes sense) and I find no problem with washing up after we are done playing outside. I have a cleaning lady come once a week, we don't wear shoes in the house, I don't use antibacterial wipes unless I am dealing with a toilet or puke. So, am I normal? I don't know, but it's normal for me and I am OK with the "sacrifices" I make to live peacefully with all those big scary germs!

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  1. Oh man my friend, you do NOT want to know how I live when I'm camping! ;)

    1. I am totally going to pretend I didn't just read that!! LOL!


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