Friday, August 17, 2012

New shoes!

I mentioned how Acilia wants to have some heels of her own for at home to practice how to walk in them, we were out shoe shopping again yesterday (it takes multiple shopping trips to get all we need these days!!) we found these shoes at Burlington Coat Factory. They were marked down to $12.99! Good deal right??
She was so cute, we saw them on the shelf, they had a purple pair and a yellow pair. Acilia said they would have been perfect if they had a blue pair! Lo and behold when I started looking at sizes, I found a BLUE pair in a box in her size!! It was love at first sight :)

I should have gotten a pair in my size too because : I have an obsession with peacocks! That's my pinterest, yes, I do have a board that is dedicated to PEACOCKS!!

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