Friday, August 31, 2012


I am quite aware of the fact that I am not the best at following up with updates. I tend to post what's "impending" and then leave you hanging as to how it ends. It's not intentional. And, I am sure your lives go on even though you don't know how things conclude, however, as I said, I am aware of it and with awareness comes change! (Well, hopefully anyway *wink*).

So, Tuesday, we had a realtor here. She spent a little bit walking through our home with her Ipad to take notes. She asked me a question when she first came in "Would you like me to comment as we walk through, or would you like me to save my thoughts for the end?" I told her I was comfortable letting her soak it all in and then spewing her thoughts at me, I was a big girl, I could take it :)

I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. I am in the process of painting my kitchen, it was either that or clean the walls and I must admit, painting sounded easier than scrubbing them down! Something about a fresh coat of paint, ooh la la!

You may or may not notice, so I will tell you, the paint color is IDENTICAL to the one we had before. I was impressed with our skills at picking an identical color and I can't say that was particularly the plan, but hey, I like how it's working out, the kitchen is only half done, yet you can't tell where the old paint ends and the new paint begins. The point of this is, I am in the process of painting the kitchen and I was really hoping the realtor wouldn't tell me the color has to go. That's the thing, we have COLOR on the walls and though I believe I was tasteful when choosing, I wasn't sure how a person that wants to market my house would perceive our colors. She said great things!! She even stated our master bedroom color is a realtor's dream!! 

She said overall, the house is in great condition and can be put up for sale with minimal changes. I took that as a big compliment because to be honest, I have been staging my house for years and I was hoping I was doing it right!

She suggested we change the office to look a little more spacious, this could be tricky or impossible, but I am willing to try to rearrange the desk to make the room look bigger.

She also suggested adding a stand up shower in our downstairs bath so she could market the home as a 2 full bath instead of 1.5 bath. Her perspective made sense but a) I think a shower would look ridiculous in there, and b) I am really not keen on putting money into this house, if we are selling it for less than what we owe, which will 99% be the case. 

So, overall, the walk through went well and I feel more confident. Now if the market would just speed up and we can put our house up for a litttttttttttleeee higher than current market value suggests!!

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