Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We've (I need to be honest and say that my loving husband has climbed aboard the crazy Karrie train, which in many circumstances is just a way of hanging on for dear life to the crazy things I do, when I post things about "US" talking, it's mainly "ME" talking and "HIM" listening and getting overwhelmed and then shutting down, leaving "ME" to make a decision that I think "WE" would agree on....carry on!) I've decided to interview realtors. We will be putting the house on the market in spring, I am going crazy inside trying to prepare, but not over prepare in hopes of not UNDER preparing (did that make sense??). So, as I stated, interviewing realtors. I asked around, and I have a realtor that we have been in contact with over the years, the one we bought our current house from. I like to think I am loyal to said realtor, however, I also have never LISTED a house with any realtor and due to my husband's diligent process of research with anything and everything, I have learned it's best to compare notes to make a comprehensive decision. I have contacted three realtors, and have one coming today. The one that got back to me right away, that came highly recommended from my cousin who recently sold and purchased a house in the ugly market, I say that makes this realtor look pretty good at first glance! She stated that the current market is a little faster than previous years, which makes me feel good (YAY!) but also stated because of that, doing market analysis etc. NOW for a planned list date of March, may be a tad soon. (BOO!) However, she kindly accepted my request to come walk through my home and give me some staging and repair tips. I've been doing the reading over the years and know a thing or two about getting a house to appeal to a buyer. Opening up crowded spaces, depersonalizing, moving furniture to allow for rooms to look spacious, decluttering, etc. etc. etc...I am *hoping* the work I've put in over the years will pay off and she will walk away saying "keep doing what you are doing" but as I sit here waiting for her to arrive (10 more minutes to be exact!) I find myself on pins and needles. 

You see, anytime someone enters my home, I am wondering what goes through their mind. I feel I have decorated tastefully and have always tried to achieve that "staged" look, because when you are ready to move, that is what you think about right? Not about how to live in a home, but how it appeals to others. Now is the time, worth all the marbles, the time where I will be told if our home would make the cut. Ok, ok, I am being a bit dramatic, but there is a little bit of pressure on this little visit from a realtor and to be honest, I am sweating it a little bit. Wish me luck?


  1. I'm curious to hear what she told you as we just sold our condo and went through all that. Obviously we had to stage our place too and it was such a pain. We've been in so many houses the past couple months and I've seen just about every house's pics listed on zillow and realtor, I cannot believe how some people show their homes!!!! Get rid of clutter, anything political, religious, personal or pet related. (telling others that...not you!) Anyway, your house is beautiful and you've always had great taste in decorating...GOOD LUCK!! :)

    1. Ask and you shall receive! I actually just updated with what she had to say, and that was before I read your comment ;)


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