Thursday, August 23, 2012


This week has been crazy and therefore, this post is going to be full of randoms!

Monday, I started Chemistry. I anticipated a boring semester, I am still assuming it won't be the most interesting class, however, the mix of having a quirky, English accented, professor should make the class a tad more tolerable!
I go to class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. I was not prepared for that, until I looked up my schedule a few weeks ago and realized I have lab on Tuesdays. This puts a kink in my original plan, 4 days a week for class, is a lot. I will manage, I always do when curve balls are sent my way, but I am still mourning the loss of extra time with Miles as this is really our "last year" of spending school days together and it's already limited because he's in school three days a week this year instead of two.

Tuesday as I walked into class, I went to throw my empty gum pack away. I bent over to pick it up because I missed the garbage and when I stood up, there was a pain in my back I've never experienced. I am not outward with grimaces, but inside I was about to fall over in agony. I had about a 1/4 mile to walk (slight exaggeration, but it was a long way!) and three flights of stairs to walk up. By the third floor, I couldn't hide my tears anymore, so I went into the bathroom to compose myself. Every single step was excruciating, and every other step, I felt like my legs would give out. I got myself together, and walked into class as if nothing happened. Inside, I was already panicking wondering how in the world I would get BACK TO MY CAR!! Class ended 2 hours later, it was on to the journey to my car. I made it through every step of pain and then broke down once I got into my car. It was intense. (Remember, I'm the one that gave birth with no epidural and got through a nephrectomy with no pain meds, I like to think I am a tough cookie!!) I drove myself to urgent care where I was diagnosed with a back sprain. Man I am getting old! Who sprains their back BENDING OVER! I was given some stretches, was told to keep my muscles warm and to take Advil three times a day to keep the inflammation down. Today is day three, I've taken nothing and only feel slightly uncomfortable!!

Wednesday was the start of 4th grade for Miss Acilia. The morning was crazy and I still don't know how I was able to get to all the places I needed to be, within the proper amount of time! School starts at 8 am. That means we aim to leave our house by 7:15, get to school by 7:45 and that's on a good day! Opening chapel started at 8:30, usually it starts at 8:10, so the later start threw me off a bit, thankfully Miles went down to play in the nursery room and he was entertained! I was a little bit sad when I realized this most likely will be our last opening chapel. Chapel is always spiritual but the opening/closing ceremonies are always so much more meaningful and I will really miss them. It occurred to me, planning ahead to be done at a school is hard on the emotions. I have a feeling I will have many more "lasts" that we experience this year that will make me second guess the decision to go with public school next year. Once chapel was over, we walked out at 9:15, I realized that is the time I left my house to get to class on time on Monday and I was still late because the parking is atrocious at the college! My mom was kind enough to drive to meet me, so I could pass Miles to her and still make it to class on time! I made it there, sat through class then had a few minutes to spare before Acilia got out of school. She had a great first day!
Sign says "First day of school!
4th Grade
When I grow up I want to be:
An Equestrian"

The big girl heads upstairs this year. This is the year I stop walking in with her (per our choice, I feel like it's a great independence milestone, bittersweet of course!! I will miss going in and sending her off and seeing all the kids and teachers!)

Today, I was glad to get a break from Chemistry (Thursday is my only day off during the week) Miles and I dropped Acilia at school and then headed to our favorite place for breakfast, it's called Eggclectic Cafe, we go there about once a month. It was a first visit since May! We headed home for a quick minute and then headed to drop him at my mom's. I was off to appointments this afternoon. One of which was a counseling session with the nursing department to ensure I was on the right track for applying for the 2013 school year. There is a wrench in the plans. A new requirement is that I have to have a math class now to apply. Not only that, but I have to take a math placement test and if I don't score well, I have to also take a pre req which is where it could get hairy! I walked out feeling discouraged but also thankful that I took the step of visiting a counselor so I could handle the surprises before it was too late! This is my current Facebook status...need I say more!  "The ever evolving world of nursing school admission requirements is a frustration I must come to terms with. <>" 

Acilia went home with a friend from school today. This is a milestone to say the least! She readily admits she has separation anxiety and she was worried last night that she would miss her momma while at her friend's house after school. I love that she opens up to me, so I can help her through her worries! I told her I would put a little surprise in her backpack for her to think of me when she was at her playdate. I put one of my necklaces in her backpack with a little note. She was wearing the necklace when I got there, so I think it was a successful solution! She was excited to go to her friend's house though, because her friend walks to school, so naturally the girls walked home after school. They *happen* to pass a Dairy Queen on the way so, I packed a few dollars and they were able to stop for ice cream. Independence is a beautiful thing! This was Acilia's first experience like this, and she handled it well, and even called me when she got there so I know she made it. (I did tell her to call me, but I was impressed that she remembered!!)

Tomorrow is the first full day of school for Acilia, it feels as though we've had a great start to the year so far!

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  1. I know I'm a dork, but Chemistry was always one of my favorite classes. I hope you like it!

    And I'm sorry about your back lady! That sounds brutal!


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