Friday, June 8, 2012

A week already!?

Today is Friday. Last Friday was the first day of summer break for us. A whole week of summer break has passed as quickly as I feared time would go. I find myself so happy, we have settled in to the summer schedule which means sleeping later and pretty much doing all we can to enjoy every minute! The kids are outside, we have more baths than normal because they are getting dirty (ick! I hate dirt, but they are so happy!!) we finally convinced Miles it's "cool" and "fun" to go for bike rides! He doesn't know how to pedal, last year he was in the trailer attached to my bike and now he's riding on a big boy bike tag along and though he refuses to pedal or even keep his feet on the pedals, he's attached to me, and he can ride along like a big kid! So thrilling, I feel more free now! Now we just need to get Al a bike! I got mine last summer, Acilia is a little pro and now Miles has something he can use for a few years, it's Al's turn. Family bike rides can be crossed off the list soon! I can feel it :)
Tonight we are going to Tastee Freeze. It's a local ice cream shop built on memories! It's walking distance to our house which could be very dangerous for my waistline, but I've managed to only plant the idea in the kids heads once in a while, I believe it's been a few weeks since we went last, so it's time :)
Tastee Freeze

My niece is here, she was here last night too. That's a sure sign of summer. We tell the kids all school year, it's a school night, no playdates with cousins, but, now it's summer and we have less rules! Less scheduling, less of everything, except fun! Lot's MORE fun!! I am so enjoying it!!

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