Monday, June 4, 2012

The matter of the list

This summer I will be noting "the list" of things we want to do as the days fly by. I am happy to report we have officially checked off : (but not crossed off, because we will be doing these things more than once!)

Play in the jumpy (yesterday, I was planning to be out all afternoon, daddy would be home with the kids, so I figured I would get them set up to play in the yard!) Acilia noted how it was soooo not appropriate for Miles as it was HER jumpy from little toddlerhood days, picture a mini sized (compared to today's proportions) princess castle jumpy and you've got the idea. The kids DID have a blast though, they jumped on and off throughout the day, they even turned it into a cozy little tent. With a blanket over the top and pillows and blankets inside. Yeah, insert new rule, blankets and pillows from inside DO NOT belong outside, EWWW! 

Play with the water table: we did get to pull this one out of mothballs about a week ago, am I totally cheating by putting this on here? Either way, Miles had a blast, he was quite content to play with it for a while on a hot day. Then when I wasn't looking he decided to add some mud water to it. Have I ever mentioned how different boys and girls are? Yes, it's true! Mud?? In the water table, well, he sure thought it was a good idea! HA!

I took the kids to Cantigny today. Miles was thrilled about the idea first. Then he literally shifted like a light switch and decided he didn't want to go. I had already called my mom who had my niece there too and invited them to meet us, so I wasn't going to change plans. I will admit I was a little apprehensive though, Miles is working through a phase that can end anytime as far as I am concerned, he is the kind of the "tricky to please" type at the moment and it's sorta, kinda, well, impossible to deal with! Thankfully he cheered up after a little bit of crabbiness and we had a great time. The kids climbed on the tanks, then we went inside and viewed the model below the ground, basically it's a big area of glass you can walk on, about 2 feet below it, is an aerial view of the whole park made out of model size proportions. It's pretty cool, Miles loves to lay on it and just peer through the glass :) We found the parking lot that we parked at, the tanks we visited, the building we were inside of and all sorts of other little things.
We then visited the gift shop and picked up a little something for each of the kids. We spent some time outside, it's just beautiful no matter where you are as you enjoy the park, we found a bench (Miles played at the bench with his new army toys) the girls ran around on the grass, Mom and I sat in the rocking chairs smelling the air that was sweet with flowers, enjoyed the chime of a wind chime and watched sparrows interact with one another above us. I was such a priss for so many years, and I am so grateful I have changed my ways and that I am able to experience the sheer bliss while outside enjoying whatever my senses can pick up! It was Heaven!

So....three days in to summer (HOLY COW! Three days already!?!?) and we've officially done three things on our summer list! Not bad, not bad at all :)

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