Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our mirror couple

I thought Al and I were unique and special. No one else like us, our story is one that has inspired countless lives and that feels great to be a part of. (Thank you God for making this my journey! I appreciate every moment! Amen) It came to my attention there is another couple out there that has an almost identical path! While listening to the radio the other day I heard Amanda Carroll talking about a couple.

Here's their story:

     No matter what happens to you in a relationship, or what has happened, you still want to believe in true love.  

I found a real one.  
When Jonathan was 18 he had lupus and he had to have a kidney transplant, his mother was his donor.
Last year, his kidney was failing again hand the prognosis was not good, this was really rare and the doctors said because of all his past blood transfusions it would be virtually impossible to find a suitable match. He had a 15 chance of finding his perfect match.
At the same time he thought he'd met the "One" while in seminary school. Despite his failing health they chose love and got married. A month after their wedding Jonathan got on the transplant list, even though 
the odds were like winning the lottery.This week he went into surgery, 
turns out he really did find "The One," his perfect match ended 
up being his new bride, Caitlin. 

I couldn't help but phone in and talk about how my story mirrored Jonathan and Caitlin's story. I wasn't sure it was going to air, we had a little bit of a bad signal. The next day a friend of mine wrote on my facebook wall, she said she recognized my laugh and knew it was me! HA! God never ceases to amaze me! He gave Al and I our very own miracle, he did the same for this couple. I was able to find them on Facebook, I sent a quick little message, though I must admit, it was kind of awkward!! Organ donors UNITE! :)

Me and hubs sharin' a little love :) I look a little bit like a bird, but I love the look on his face :)


  1. Just yesterday (I think) another friend from high school wrote on her wall about her friends out on the East coast that are going through this too. I briefly shared your story with them because I love it!! :)


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