Friday, June 8, 2012

Show us your life Link up

I love home tours, Kelly's Korner blog is doing a "show us your life" link up for homes, this week's is "kitchens" I have my new phone that loves to snap pics that I love to play around with, therefore, I did a little "snapping away" in my kitchen. I am detached from our home, ready to move, outta here as soon as we can be, but I will admit, there are elements of this house that I know I need to soak up now, because we won't find it anywhere else! Our kitchen was completely gutted and we remodeled to our liking. I do still love the kitchen, however it is missing the "eat in" part that I so desperately desire in a kitchen. Aside from that, it's pretty useful!

My kitchen tour

Little bit of decor in the corner. 

Looking in from the dining room

The computer and little "mess" on the island is my "office" I can cook, be on the computer and have the TV on all at the same time ;)

Back door entrance

I just added this bulletin board to house Acilia's chore chart. I am in love with it!
Simple pleasure, only $9.99!!

We have a bathroom in the kitchen. All of the shelving leads me to believe it was a walk in pantry at one point?

View from the bathroom

Other side

Looking from the other side. Door on the left is the bathroom, door on the right is the back entrance

Magnetic tin ceiling, original to the house! Definitely cool!

Our "TV corner" :) I have my calendar and a dry erase board that I can write our weekly schedule :) 


  1. So much that I love about your kitchen! The ceiling, the dark cabinets, and the large island! Beautiful kitchen!

  2. The house I grew up in had a pantry that was turned in a bathroom at one point. Although when I went off to college my mom did go back and reclaim it as a pantry.

  3. I love the ceiling! And your island is a really good size. No space for one that big in my little English kitchen:)

  4. That ceiling is GREAT! That is rare to find these days! And it is in such good shape! Great kitchen!


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