Friday, June 29, 2012

SUYL kid's rooms

My kid's room have the most of my artistic touch in them. The rest of the house I have decorated to be respected of the age of the home (100 years old) the kid's rooms though, they were fun! It's where I took the most risks and it's where the risks pay off!

Acilia's room is first:
I had a vision, people laughed at my color choice, said they needed sunglasses to enter, but now that it's decorated, the color is toned down!
I had a hard time finding a something to go above Acilia's bed, I freehand painted this butterfly. It was a big risk, never  made artwork that size! But I was relieved it turned out ok :)

Her dresser seems to be the catch all for her stuff. 

The book shelf houses books AND she uses it for some of her horses. :) I was showing full disclosure when I didn't put the laundry away that is on top of her book shelf! Tsk tsk!

On to Miles room! This used to be the "play room" pre Miles days. When he was born, we kept him in our room, I didn't view this room as a suitable bedroom, I believe it was an addition at one point, therefore it is not insulated and does not have a closet, though there is storage behind both walls. Weird little room, but we make it work ;)
Sort of a "patriotic/transportation theme. The little red chair is a new addition, Miles loves to sit in it and read! 

The ceiling is vaulted, and I painted clouds on it to make it look like the sky :) Hard to see in this pic, but they are there, and I do love it!

The train table is quite large, but it fits and Miles loves it!


  1. I think both of those bedrooms are absolutely adorable and super fun! Love that you painted clouds on the ceiling. :)

    1. Colleen! Those clouds gave me so much anxiety!! That was my first experience with wanting to put something on a wall with paint (aside from choosing paint colors) I got this awesome little "fluffy" tool that did a beautiful job as it worked with me to create the clouds! I believe all bedrooms should have clouds on the ceiling! ;)

  2. Your kids' rooms are adorable! I love the bright cheery! And I also love the mix of the red and white stripes with the light blue ceiling!

  3. I LOVE the rooms!!! You are very brave! I am not sure I could paint anything directly on the wall-I just don't trust myself! You did a great job! It is so unique!!!

  4. I love the kids' rooms! They are adorable! I especially love the stripes with the blue ceiling! Thanks for sharing!


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