Friday, June 1, 2012

And just like that, it's over

3rd grade that is, over. Past us, on to 4th grade. As I sat in the closing chapel service, the principal of Acilia's school declared the 2011-2012 school year officially closed. Before he did that, he recalled the pleasure of declaring the 2011-2012 officially OPEN, that was in August, this is June, almost a full year later and it went by in the blink of an eye. Summer is here, I wait as patiently as I can through the cold winter months for summer to appear and then, it just so happened to sneak up on me. It's here. Doesn't feel like it though, it's June first, we barely hit 60 degrees today! My teeth were actually chattering as I stood outside of school awaiting the exit of my now 4th grader. She moves "upstairs" next year, she can take part in a few more extracurricular activities, she will be going into her 3rd year at the "new school" and she is blossoming daily! I really enjoy watching my kids grow up, sure it goes fast, but I've always noted the rewards of new milestones, they far outweigh the bittersweet essence of saying good bye to the past, and hello to the future. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen! We have big plans for summer!!
Here is a list of "Hopes and dreams" we have for this summer, let's see just how many things I can cross off the list!!:

Al's requests:
Daddy wants to take the kid's for a motorcycle ride (Mom is not sure about this one!)
Rowboats on Herrick Lake

Acilia's requests:
Go riding on lots and lot's and lot's and lot's of horses!
Go to Texas
Sleep in the backyard

Miles' requests:
Play in the jumpy, use the slip and slide and the water table
Go to Cantigny (a beautiful local park)

My requests:
Go downtown to Millenium Park
Go to a baseball game
Willowbrook Wildlife (a beautiful local sanctuary)
Anniversary trip with the hubby

All of us:
County Fair! (It's the collective highlight of summer for all of us!)
Family bike rides (need to get daddy a bike)
Miniature golf
Ignite Concert (Put on by KLOVE)

And I do happen to have free admission tickets to Brookfiled Zoo (Be jealous!!)

The last day of school pics:
Acilia was the photographer on this one :)
Walking in to the last day of 3rd grade!

Cya took a picture of Miles as we walked in :)

Acilia with her third grade teacher Mrs. Fontana

With the third grade teacher's aide Mrs. Milas, sweetest lady ever!

Acilia with her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Anderson who officially retired today after 31 years of teaching!
Not a dry eye in the house when we all said goodbye!!

Officially a 4th grader! WOWZA!

Summer is sure to fly by as it always does, but my sincere hope is that I am able to savor each and every moment of each and every day!


  1. Awww I love your lists!! I hope you get to do many of them (except the kids on the motorcycles...ugh, makes my heart drop thinking about it. jason loves his motorcycles too - UGHHH!) Glad summer is here for you guys! Enjoy!!!

    1. I had privately made a choice not to "put anyone's ideas" out of the question, it took EVERYTHING in me, not to say anything when he suggested it. I am silently praying "they never get around to it" :)


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