Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A new spin on the stereotypes

As I was on Facebook today, I was faced with the inevitable "bash" to those that don't use the system according to the way the public expects them to. This tag is just one of many out there, that are funny (yes) but could be hurtful. There are without a doubt people out there that abuse the system and it's frustrating to those that most definitely work hard to pay their dues to help, when it's not necessarily deserved, but until some laws change, this is the way it is. I just ask you to be mindful as I share a few words below. They were written from my heart in response to this post on Facebook:
As a woman who has had to be "in the system" for many years due to Al's kidney failure, I can easily fall into that "stereotype" everytime I pull out the medicaid card to pay for our family's health check ups, I mentally run up and down my outfit reminding myself, my pants are from before dialysis, my purse was on sale, my shoes were clearance....etc. We qualified for food stamps, but I could NOT bring myself to use them, because of the unavoidable judgement from the bystanders nearby. I am thankful for the government help we've received because with 1,000's of dollars spent on medical bills and anti-rejection meds for Al, we surely would have been bankrupt by now. Now especially with so many middle class people out of work, it seems *I* am not the minority on government help, which hopefully will open the eyes of those that believe what you see is what you get. So this tag is a "funny" spin on those that abuse the system, but it also belittles those that do NOT abuse the system and are embarrassed to be "in the system". Just a point to ponder.

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