Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ode to the fairy garden!

Acilia is my only girl. She is not very girly. She doesn't care much about dolls or barbies or babies. She hates shopping, doesn't tolerate accessories (though she has them, she tries to wear them, then ends up taking them off, I think they get in her way! Ha!) She is more of a "farm girl" at heart. She is most comfortable with animals, she can keep up with the boys when it comes to sports or play. So when she went to a birthday party two weeks ago that took place at a florist to make Fairy Gardens, I was curious to know what she thought. I loved the idea, but I am much more girly that my little girl! I went to pick Acilia up after the party was over, she came out with a basic start to a fairy garden and she met me at the door and dragged me back in begging for me to buy some more supplies for the garden! She was so excited!! We bought a few little things (expensive!!) and headed home. The fairy garden was placed in her room and we've been building on it ever since!! My very girly niece came over, she was smitten with the garden. I had to giggle at the comment she made "Acilia, I didn't think a fairy garden would be your thing". I love the thoughts of 9 year olds! So beyond their years with their words sometimes! My niece also spent some time drawing a fairy garden that she would like to have!! I think they will be making one soon too! :)

This is a whimisal little project that's been introduced to us and I took some pictures of the garden so far. It's been so much fun!! (I am half thinking of making a bigger one for outside, because Acilia recently asked me if she could add something to it, and I found myself second guessing whether to tell her yes. It IS her garden and I had to remind myself that, so it may be time for me to make my own! Ha!!)


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