Sunday, July 29, 2012

SUYL- Pictures AND catch up

I'm a little behind with Kelly's home tour for show us your life, so this one is "Pictures" and I am adding the few I missed below!

First up, Displaying pictures in your home:
These are on the buffet in the dining room

On the mantle, Al and I when we went to Las Vegas
Pics of me with each of my kids on my night stand

Acilia's new photo display wall. The white picture frame holds a black and white photo of Acilia with a horse named Joey, the collage frame circle frame is a close up of a horse eye, top is Acilia and her cousin Ali, right square is another horse, bottom vertical is Acilia on horseback, and the left bottom is Acilia doing splits in her cheerleading uniform

Next, Foyers:

Looking into the foyer from the family room

foyer hallway looking from the dining room

view from the front door

view from the front door

And, mantles:
We had such a hard time figuring out what to do with the fire place! The mantle was free! So that was put up, then I searched for something to frame, we decided these travertine tiles would work. Al then made the hearth with flag stone, he meticulously worked to fit it all together like a puzzle and now it's done!

Close up of the mantle

Finally, Family room:
Oops, haven't done family rooms yet, so I guess you will have to stay tuned ;)


  1. Very pretty! Love it! I am new to your blog and stopping by from Kelly's Korner. :) Erin

    1. Thank you!! Welcome and thank you for stopping by!! I love Kelly's Korner!


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