Saturday, July 7, 2012

Baby names

On the heels of a two week wait, that would have been a "surprise", I read a blog post about baby names and thought it would be fun to address this topic.

We have named two babies and the first was easy as pie, the second, well, I am STILL reeling from that one and truth be told, I am not sure I will ever be over it!!

Acilia Rhiann is our first born. I found out I was pregnant and it was a time when message boards were just starting to be popular. I was on a message board that had a "signature" at the end, I saw a name I liked with the spelling "Acilia" I am not sure how THEY pronounced their child's name, but I loved the spelling and interpreted it as "Uh-sealy-uh". I am a huge fan of names that are NOT common. Acilia is one of a kind as far as I am concerned and I love that her name is special and unique like her! The middle name was sort of compiled based on wanting my child to have a name to honor my grandma. My grandma Annie, (her full name was Anna Angelica) passed away on my birthday, 8 days after I found out I was pregnant. I was close to her and honored that she chose my birthday to be her final resting day. I wanted to give my child a piece of remembrance since she would never know my grandma. We talked about Ann being the middle name. Until I realized her initials would be AA. Not wanting my infant to be associated with alcoholics anonymous, I got creative. At one point we were thinking "Celia Ann" would be great. Acilia sounded better to me though, so I literally went through the alphabet in my head one day as I was driving and found that putting Rhi in front of Ann sounded pretty! Voila!

My son Miles, his birth name is Michael. No offense to the millions of people who like the name Michael, I am sorry to admit, I despise the name. It is far too common for my taste and I believe the fact that my husband forced me into naming my child something that every inch of my being was against has left a sour taste for the name. Again, so sorry. My feelings are usually bottled up until the topic is revealed and then they overflow like a river!! To read more about the name, I have a blog post up about it. It was one of my first posts! The name I just read it again, wow is all I can say! Miles is 4 years old and the emotions are still so fresh! I wonder if I will ever get over it :/

To lighten the mood I just introduced with my bitterness, future babies, if they may come, I have no idea what I would name another little girl, but it would be fun to find names that would be different, yet classic! As for a boy, I still dream of naming a little boy of mine Leo. I think it's such a cute name! I've loved it for many years. Cute little story, I was recently at a shop getting my oil changed, Miles and I were watching TV while we waited. We were watching Clifford, I asked Miles what the name of one of the dogs was, he said "Leo" I said really?? I love that name, I would have named you Leo if I could have, he said "Mommy, you can call me Leo, I wouldn't mind. I can be Leo when daddy is not around" :) The things that boy says, he melts my heart!!

And just for fun, all this talk about my kids, here is a picture of them at the pool today, Acilia is wearing mommy's sunglasses, Miles is wearing daddy's sunglasses! I adore these kids!

And, since I am sharing pictures, Acilia took this one of me and Al :)


  1. still having a great time, i see, karrie! :)

  2. I love the story about naming your daughter. Ok. you have two kids right? Why don't you have a "momma belly?!" NO FAIR!!!!

    1. Thank you!! I still love her name as much as the day we named her!

      Baby belly, well, that's funny because it may be flat when I am laying back, but that extra skin applies unfortunately, which leads me to choose NEVER to look down towards my belly when I bend over. It gives me nightmares!! Ha ha!


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