Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthdays aren't just for people!

I have a birthday in the house today, it's not a person, it's my poodle. Remo, a standard poodle is 12 today. I can hardly believe it! As I type this, he is licking my leg. He does that every time he takes a drink. I think it's so he can get the drips off his chin. Thanks Remo :)

Remo is my baby. I got him before I got married, before I had kids, before I had the life I have now. He's been there with me through it all, and it's been 12 years, I can say that over and over again and still can't believe it's been that long! Remo was 4 months old when I got him. I was living in an apartment at the time, I was so lonely!! I was used to having my family around and when I moved out, I was all by myself. I brought Remo home and he's been my buddy ever since! He's my protector (fierce watch dog if he doesn't know you!!) and an absolute baby when he's with me!

The 12 year old today on his birthday

My poodle loves to cuddle!

"Let me in mommy, I don't like to be away from you!"

Getting a hug from my poodle :)

I gave him a mohawk once!

Remo was keeping me company last year when I had foot surgery!


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