Monday, July 23, 2012

Crisis status in America

There are a few situations in America that I am willing to tag as "crisis" status. I am not sure what could possibly be causing it, but I am pretty sure I have an idea that $$ and greed and instant gratification are to blame.

Politics. This is in no way a post sharing my beliefs or rooting for "a side" because I have news for you, BOTH sides are not shining too bright at the current moment. Take any topic that everyone has an opinion. Now think about how that topic is discussed. Is it in a respectful manner? Or is it discussed in a way that puts blame on the "disagreeing" party and belittles a perspective that does not agree with your own? Do you expect to change the deep rooted beliefs that disagree with yours by spitting facts and statistics in their face? They could probably find facts and statistics that support their feelings too! I believe in freedom of speech, but I also believe in respecting others and agreeing to disagree. This is not happening in America. Atleast not before my eyes. The "game" of politics is sickening to me. How much money can you raise to run a campaign and how bad can you make your opponent look? Once a person is voted in to office, the opposing "team" cry babies about how America let them down. There is a complete lack of respect for the President each and every term it becomes more apparent and it doesn't matter which side he's on. I saw it with George W. Bush, I see it with Barack Obama. One of those guys I voted in, one of them I did not. BOTH times I made a promise to myself that just because I did or did not vote for said President, the reality is, HE IS THE PRESIDENT. Votes speak. The majority rules and that is why it's so very important to get out and vote. But please don't vote on what you hear, what the candidates feed you through empty promises! Decide what causes are important to you, what your beliefs are, and then look up the voting records of the candidates. See if they vote in a way you can support. They will tell you what you want to hear all day long. These men that run for President are highly intelligent and they have teams that work around the clock to ensure there are no slip ups. They are practically robots in front of us! Look at Sarah Palin. She came out into the public eye, she was confident and well spoken and FIESTY!. UNTIL they got to her. She went from being lively and heartfelt to being guarded. She lost her spark.

Another big crisis I see is the media. I get that people want to hear the news. Why oh why does it have to be a circus? Who can get the story out the fastest, who can cover it in the most depth. These journalists are tripping over themselves just so they have something to say, when they are sharing way more than is necessary! Lord help us when something huge and tragic happens, there is instant and constant coverage. The media makes money off of tragedy and heartbreak. These traumatized victims are on camera when they should be home and embraced by their loved ones! They have shock on their face and the words they speak don't make sense because they just experienced potentially the worst tragedy of their life, and there are cameras in their faces. It's not right.

Where is the line? Where does it stop? Who says what is going to far? Where are the consequences? No one, it keeps getting farther and farther out of hand and America suffers. Emotions lead actions and in my opinion, that's backwards. Americans need to start leading with their heads. The logic, the brain power. Slow down, take a breath for a while before you react. Don't trip over yourselves to get a story out before the competition. Newsflash, it's not a competition. It just makes all the networks look bad, that they had to stoop to such low levels to share the news.

And while I am venting about corruption, how about the rush to get the latest and greatest technology out there!! I recently went into a store for a new phone. The sales rep promptly stated "Don't waste your time, there are new and better phones coming out in a few weeks, we can put you on the waiting list" I laughed and said, the phones you have out now are just fine, thank you. And proceeded to purchase a phone.


  1. I am so tired of politics! Seriously, both parties are full of corrupt, self-seeking people and I'm so tired of all the lies and manipulation. I agree with your assessment of the media too. What happened to responsible reporting?

    1. All of the self seeking is pushing us farther away from what America should be all about!


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