Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 2 at the County Fair

Well, today we met up with my mom and my nieces and nephew (my mom watches them while my brother and sister in law are at work). Acilia, Miles and I got there first, we went into the sheep tent. We enjoyed watching the border collie herd the sheep for a while. One sheep even worked his way over a fence and ran back to his pen! Then after that, a sheep from a pen, jumped over to the pen next to him! I didn't realize sheep were so crazy!! I love watching dogs at work herding. They are so smooth and calculated and they speak with their eyes. I enjoyed watching what the dog did when a sheep tested the authority. Didn't take much for all the sheep to succumb to the alpha.

We visited the goats, rabbits, ducks, chickens, dairy cows etc again. Acilia stated she didn't want to go through the beef cattle tent. I guess my thoughts as we walked through were apparent and she decided she agreed with my disdain for the circumstances. The kids spent a lot of time feeding the animals at the petting zoo. I am glad I brought lots of quarters for the feed!

Acilia was excited to show her cousins the ribbons she won for her artwork, we spent a lot of time looking at the photography too.

My nephew Joey was eager to get into Sheriff trailer. I took Joey and Miles to explore. It's basically an air conditioned trailer that has photos (some historic, some more recent) of all things Sheriff related! There is also a bench with siren lights above it. The boys were bummed that the lights weren't working, last year they were flashing and they loved it!

We were at the fair for a little over 2 hours and we were hot and tired and ready to leave. We made our way to the cars and day #2 was done!

I half thought about going back tonight, was going to get a babysitter so Al and I could go on our own. I decided against it though, instead I spent some time going through the kids' clothes. A whole different topic, but I do "recycle" their clothes at local resale shops and it's that time for Fall drop offs!!!

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