Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crazy hair day!

Well, I am going to do something I have never done. Show my face in public in it's NO MAKE UP GLORY!! The horror!!! ::::shudder::::
I am sitting here today giggling at the fact that I always find it to be such a great idea to go to bed without drying my hair. Until I wake up, and I am reminded that my laziness is in NO WAY a good idea!!

I am officially embarrassed. I look like a crazy woman! And now the picture to prove it is in the Internet world!

Just so I don't give you all nightmares, here is a picture of me, in my normal, poised, state! My preference :)

Rest assured, I will not be posting any more crazy hair pictures, I don't want people leaving here with that sort of image in their head! HA!!

Happy 4th! Stay tuned, I made Acilia's 4th of July shirt this year, and 3 matching shirts for my nieces, it's fun to have them all dressed alike on the 4th, I am hoping with some luck I can get a picture of them in their shirts ;) Have a great day!


  1. I don't think your hair looked too bad! Hope you had a great 4th!!

  2. Haha! Your crazy woman hair is my everyday hair!

  3. Your bob is adorable! I'm feeling 'ya on the crazy hair, because every time I wake up, mine is sticking up in all kinds of crazy ways.


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