Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 1 at the County Fair

Today's fair highlights:

Wednesday, fair day number 1. Acilia and I have exhibitor passes, so we entered for free! Kids were $1 admission all day, so only a buck to get Miles in! Let the fun begin!

We arrived and minutes later a pig race began. We sat and watched. After that I was eager to go into the Home Economics building to see our artwork on display. We walked into the building and I noticed there were already prize ribbons on the pieces! My heart skipped a beat! I was excited to locate our artwork to see if it had been judged!

We did pretty well :)
Acilia put in two pencil drawings, both got 3rd place ribbons!
Acilia also had two watercolor paintings, one got 3rd place, one got 4th place! There were quite a few pictures in each category, so I am thrilled that she got any ribbons at all!

I entered 14 pictures, I placed 3 times at 2nd place (different categories) and one time in 3rd place!

2nd place for "color print of 2 or more flowers"

2nd place for "color print of shadows"

3rd place for Acilia's Pencil drawing

The proud artist with two of her pieces and their ribbons!

4th place Watercolor

3rd place watercolor

2nd place for "color print of water"

3rd place for "Black and white print 2 or more people"

After the excitement wore off, we moved on to enjoy more of the fair! The kids and I visited the cows and calves. There was a mock cow to milk, both kids always have fun trying that! There were pedal tractors, Miles tried one lap but still doesn't do so well with the pedaling. There was a petting zoo, Acilia spent a lot of time with the animals while Miles played with trucks in a pile of corn. The kids took a pony ride and a camel ride. After that, we headed for some ice cream and water. It was still super hot even though it was 7:30 pm. After the ice cream, we visited more animals. Spent a lot of time with the goats. They are such a sweet animals, walked through the cows and pigs, I got depressed thinking about the fate of the animals that were being auctioned off. Gets me every year to look at the sweet pigs resting so comfortably, no idea what's coming :( 

Afterwhile, it was time to head out. 1st day at the fair a SUCCESS!

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