Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chicago and the "BIG TALK"

Is Chicago the only city that talks up EVERYTHING!??!?! Maybe the day and age of Facebook doesn't help, but man! Bears are playing, everyone puts up a play by play of the game, Bears going to the superbowl? Let's talk bad about the Packers and amp up the Bears who guess what? LOST the game and now the Packers are going to the Superbowl, oh boy! Let's talk about that!
This "historic blizzard" on it's way? Yup! Talking about that, constant constant, you turn on the news, you can't get one piece of information aside from the snow reports. How many different ways can you talk about snow? Go into the stores, it's all you hear about. How about the Cubs/Sox rivalry? Two CHICAGO teams pitted against one another, all talk. It's amusing to me! Truly! No wonder why people walk around half nuts, these are just a few examples of the amount of talk to that goes on. No wonder why everywhere you turn you have people thinking some random stranger is going to walk up and snatch their child. I mean, why not? Doesn't the media make us think that? I am beginning to think there is some sort of conspiracy against us, to build  paranoia! Think about how many more people watch the news when there is something to anticipate. One person mentions something that *could be* big and it spreads like wildfire, building and building and BUILDING anticipation until, the event occurs and it is NOTHING as expected. I found myself hoping that atleast for the kid's sake that there is a snow day this week. After listening to all the adults talk nonsense about a snowstorm that will bypass record snowfalls in the past, shouldn't the kids get a little bit of fun? Oh yes. I think so. Good thing Acilia's school agrees. Due to the "impending snowfall school for Wednesday" will be cancelled. Part of me wanted to pick her up early today, to get home before the snow hits. I had to talk myself out of it. Let logic take place, instead of the irrational side that pops out due to all the talk of what's to come!



  1. Do you still think it was over-hyped?

  2. LOL! We are getting a good snow storm, but the end of the world is not coming ;)

  3. I joked on Monday that I expected to see at the end "This weather report was brought to you by Walmart" since I think the meteorologists and the grocery stores are conspiring together somehow to boost traffic...

  4. Now that is interesting perspective! I think you are onto something!


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