Saturday, February 5, 2011

Needed again.

It is no surprise that Al and I struggle in marriage. We have had many deep lows in our years together, and though a lot of them have been circumstantial, how we treat each other is soley on our responsible adult shoulders (ugh! complicated adult life!). We had a great routine going. We were seeing a counselor weekly sometimes biweekly but it was regular and it was routine and I really enjoyed getting out with my husband on a regular basis. Even if it was to sort out our dirty laundry in the confines of a small room with a counselor. He is a great counselor and I am so thankful we found him; someone that clicks with both of us so we can both feel at ease. Life is pretty OK when we are on that track. Our counselor recently took a new turn in his career, and though we can still see him, the location is different and the price tag is way higher. That's like trading in a used car that you love, for the SAME car only more expensive and located across the country! (Like my analogy?) Well, Al and I had decided with our counselor that we would see him on an "as needed" basis. Naturally since a little over a month has passed, the need arises. It's like if no one is there to keep us on track, we forget how to treat each other. Frustrating. Even more frustrating is now that we haven't gone in a while, hubby's resistance to going is high again and he is telling me I will be going to the appointment alone. I know that I am the one that pushes for us to go, and hubs would much rather stick his head in the sand and pretend all is bliss  feel confident that we are perfectly capable of making things work without a third party. The things I have to put up with my husband has to put up with :)

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