Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ooooh fun!

Long story short, I am going to be on TV!

Here's the story! :)
I've been known to get myself into random gigs (modeled wedding dresses for a newscast a few years ago, my huge Italian family was on the news for largest and healthiest Italian family in America back in the 90's, little print ad work once, maybe twice) I am NOT a professional by any stretch, always feel like I am out of my element but it's still SO fun to be involved. A few years ago I was into wedding planning. I had landed a job for a bride and groom in the city and I brought my husband with as my assistant for the day. This bride has networking ties and she posted on her Facebook account about a gig that is in my area. Of course I thought it would be fun; so I let her know I was interested! I am not telling anymore about it, but tomorrow is the day of my call. I am anxious, giddy, excited (will probably have to take a tranquilizer do some meditation tomorrow!). I will be sure to let you all know when it will be on so you can watch :) It happens to be on a pretty well known channel :) :) :)  :::::::::::building suspense?::::::::::::::


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  1. sounds so exciting!! I cant wait to hear all about it.


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