Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eye Contact

I have some experience with kids (my mom does home daycare, started when I was 2) but becoming a parent has set up a whole new line of "what should I dos??" Discipline is always number one on my list. Being a mom that doesn't spank, and really wants my kids to feel as though their opinions matter in our family, there is a fine line of what will work for discipline. I've noticed that yelling only adds to a moment that feels crazy and really it doesn't get the children to stop and look at you anyway. One other thing I've noticed, you can say something to a child, and they will genuinely not hear you, but if you say the same exact thing to them while you hold eye contact with them, it's amazing that they really do hear you.

Eye contact. It's a simple small thing, but I am telling you, before you say something of importance to your children, ask them to look at you first, and then tell them what you need to say. You won't have to yell, you won't have to repeat yourself, you will have their undivided attention and you see, they will be happy they have your's as well. Eye contact. It truly is important not just as a parent, but in real life too. If your kids start out life with the habit of looking at the person speaking to them, I can't help but think it will help them in the future as well!

E y e   C o n t a c t .  Try it, you can thank me later ;)


  1. I completely agree with this. I do it in my middle school classroom too. I say, "Eyes and ears up here please," and wait until all eyes are on me before I speak. Another tip: ask them to repeat what you said. If they can say it back (especially in their own words), you know you were heard and understood.

  2. Repeat, yes! I should have added that!

  3. My parents were strong proponents of the importance of eye contact. They kneeled down on our level when we were very young for emphasis. They didn't have to be stern, but we knew what they were saying was important. It has helped me as an adult in the professional world where eye contact is so important. I will be following this with Will!

  4. It's so true. Eye contact is so important. I used to be really shy and had a hard time looking people in the eye. My parents drilled it into me though. I'm glad they did.

  5. I try this with my oldest and she will purposely look everywhere but at me...and we end up in a battle of the wills. Such attitude, that girl.


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