Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ok, fine!

My irritated post yesterday was probably bad timing, because as I sit here now, all the hype was true. The snow CAME! I still feel that the insurmountable amount of build up the media places on our TV and computer and radio is unneccesary. The snow blizzard (snowmageddan, snowpocolypse, BLIZZARD OF 2011, just a few of the "nick names" this storm has earned) arrived, and dumped miles and miles of snow. We are officially snowed in, 3 feet of snow is resting against my garage. We had to dig out of our doors to let the dogs out. It's sort of fun though, my reaction when the dogs were out in the snow this morning was a LOUD "HOLY COW!" Ha! Then I looked to my right and my neighbor waved to me from the window; surely my reaction was heard by more than just me.

In seriousness, I am hearing stories of people that have cold related injuries, people that were stuck in their cars all night, people that lost power and even deaths. Prayers for those that need it, and for those that don't, grab your shovel! (OR BEFRIEND A PERSON WITH A SNOW PLOW ON THEIR TRUCK!)

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