Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day


 I sit here today reflecting on the love that is surrounding me and I can't help but feel incredibly blessed and thankful! I have never put much into Valentine's Day, but I will tell you, this year feels very different. Hubby and I went out yesterday for a few hours sans kids and we had such a lovely time together! We went to the International Motorcycle show and then we went to dinner at a cute little restaurant named "Shinto".

Today, Acilia had off school so we layed low most of the day. I started reminiscing about our earlier years and pulled out some old pics. Then I got the "creative" idea to post them on our bedroom wall in the shape of a heart. The "picture heart" turned out super cute, if I may say so myself! I love that Valentine's Day symbolizes love. It doesn't have to just be for your significant other, but for others in your life as well. Share the love today.

I grew up with a great role model for love. My parent's. My mom goes out of her way to ensure the kids in her life feel especially loved on little holidays like today. I remember she baked my brother and I ginormous heart cookies and decorated them to match our personality. The dinner table was always decked out with red themed foods (jello, spaghetti, etc), table cloth, heart plates and napkins. Such a great memory. She has now passed that down to her grandkids and takes time to make each of them cards and gives them little gifts too. So sweet!

After visiting my parent's house today, the kids and I happened to pull into the drive at the same time as hubby. We all went in together and ate dinner that I had in the crock pot (scalloped potatoes and ham), then we took hubby upstairs to see his heart on the wall. He was pretty surprised and loved it! We snapped a few family pics and of course a cheesy "love bird" pic and now we have all settled in for the night.

I leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from over the years.
Al & Karrie
Together 11 years


  1. Is that the same corner in which you used to pile Al's dialysis supplies? I like the photo heart much better! And how fitting that it was your love that allowed him to get rid of all those boxes!

  2. Very cute! Love that you have good memories of V-Day, and especially love what Erin had to say! I always loved the photo of you and Al at the first little green cabin. That was a fun weekend (even though Al and Grandpa tied one on HA!) Also really lke the background of your page which church window is that?

  3. OK it happened again what did I do wrong???? Karrie didn't say the post I did MOM!!!

  4. I fixed it can sign it as "anonymous" then just sign your name :) Sorry MOM!

  5. What a beautiful post! Love the heart shape you made from photos!


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