Monday, February 7, 2011

What the Sell?

Today was fun, I started to explain what was going on here ; so to explain more I share my story :)

I went to a local store today called The Perfect Thing and was a part of the filming process for a new show airing in March called "What the Sell?".  It's sort of a mix of "Pawn Stars" and "Antiques Roadshow"...but in my opinion the ladies and their personalities blow both the other shows out of the water!
I was excited about being a part of it because I have been in the store numerous times and was thrilled to find the pilot when it aired on TLC a few months ago! 4 million viewers tuned in, so they will be running a full season (12 episodes) which will begin next month! I had a ring to sell so I went in and had an "entrance" interview where they questioned the background of the ring. I then had my appraisal conducted by Gloria; we had a great little conversation about how my ring reminded her of Kate Middleton's engagement ring and that led to all sorts of "Royal talk" :) They did an exit interview so I could share how I felt about the experience. It will probably only be about 5 minutes of air time, but hey, it was still fun!! I hope you will tune into the show, it's very entertaining! The ladies are a R I O T ! And hopefully you will catch my cameo :)

Me with the cast: Judith, Karrie, Gloria and Kate


  1. How fun is this, did they give you an idea when it will air?

  2. They said they will call or email to let me know when it's going to air. I plan to watch the whole season, so I won't miss it anyway ;)

  3. How fun for you! You never know who might end up watching. Could be your big break into the biz. Remember us little thrifters! ; )


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