Sunday, February 20, 2011


I have admitted before that I like to have control. If someone in an authoritative way demands that I do something in a disrespectful way, I find it really hard to do what has been asked of me. I realize this is a weak point inside of me, because my heart for Jesus tells me that no matter how I am asked I should have a serving heart. Today was a nice little epiphany, I have a lot of those on Sunday's due to the sermons at church!

Today's sermon was Matthew 5:38-48.
"If someone sues you for your shirt, you are to giftwrap your jacket and present it to them as well"; is just one example of what was talked about today and it had me thinking about how I can still spin it to gain control, but in a good way instead of a negative way. Someone can demand something of me, I could simply CHOOSE not to do it, or I could CHOOSE to do what was asked and then some. I could make the Christian CHOICE to do what was asked and then some, and in a sense still have the control that I for some reason always yearn for.

Our "homework" for the week was to give some thought to how to simplify life. There are three road blocks when it comes to service:
Can you come up with three ways to simplify your life in those areas? I had a few ideas flood my mind when we were still in church, guess God had a few things that needed to be brought to my attention today :)
I will meditate over that on my own for now! Happy Sunday!! :)


  1. Your epiphany is so true. I love when I can directly apply a lesson from church to my life, to change my life in a way to become more Christ like. Thanks for visiting June Makes Six. Have a great week:)


  2. PS: (to my above comment) Most days I need as much help as I can get:)



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