Monday, January 3, 2011

You Capture! - 10 best from 2010


Ask a person who is obsessed with picture taking to narrow down ALLLLL of their shots to just 10 for a whole year??? Challenging! I was defeated as I couldn't narrow down past 11, but I guess when you take a bazillion pics, 11 isn't bad right? RIGHT?? :)

Close up of snowflakes on a frozen creek
Winter Moon
My dog Franko
Owl at Willowbrook Wildlife
Huge hermit crab on rocks in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Me lounging in the infinity pool in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
My daughter Acilia on our balcony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
My nephew Joey on Halloween, I love the action in this shot!
My daughter Acilia on Mother's Day
Butterfly garden in Geneva, Illinois


  1. You are SO talented! I got a great new camera for Christmas last year, foolishly thinking it would turn me into a great photographer. Ha! Now I know you need serious skills for that. You've got 'em! Great pix!

  2. How incredibly flattering! Thank you!!! I have a LONG way to go before pictures start showing up at I envision them! LOL!
    Good luck with your camera too! Explore explore explore!!

  3. Great photos!! I love the hermit crab photo the most :) Also, I wish I had the nerve to take photos of myself more, much less of myself in a bikini. Way to rock it!

  4. Love your photos! Those are gorgeous! You have some great animal pictures there! Something I really struggle with!

  5. Great photos from the year. Love your doggy one, those eyes are great. I would love to lounge in that pool too :)

  6. Love them all...seriously, I went back through and re-looked at them all a few times, great photos great picks (and pics :p)

  7. Oh, great pics woman! I think I want to do this too! Fun!

  8. awww...i love the shot of your daughter on the balcony! a perfect moment

  9. Thanks for stopping over and commenting! I really love your photos! Your animal shots are really amazing! I'm jealous of you being close enough to an owl to take such a shot!

    Love it!

  10. Great shots! The snowflakes are amazing!!

  11. I really like that snowflake picture a lot! Very cool!

  12. Wow, that snowflake photo is awesome! Such great shots.

  13. Franko is so handsome! Your kids are adorable. We have a swat outfit like that for my littlest one. It's funny to see him with it one. Little body and big ole helmet head!


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