Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Feeling a little crazy

So, spring semester at school started this past week. I had signed up for my second Psychology class to fill my requirements. Class started on Thursday, I got there super late due to horrible parking (always happens the first day!) and between the room not being esthetically pleasing and having a really hard time following the instructor with her seeming lack of preparedness...I walked out of the class thinking I couldn't take a semester of that class and maintain my 4.0 without losing my mind. It IS a requirement though and I DO enjoy psychology, so I got it in my mind last night to see if there were openings in the same class with a different instructor. I found one that works with my schedule and dropped the first one, so I could register for the same exact class with different instructor and different location. Call me crazy but I am big on "feeling" and if I am not "feeling" it, then I am setting myself up for failure. So I did what any other sane person would do...right?


  1. Is it Psy 218 growth and development? I just finished it at ECC but did a telecourse. I agree with you, make sure you feel it. If not just makes going so much harder. Good luck and I am proud of you balancing class and family life. I know first hand its hard to do!

  2. No, it's 2237...developemental lifespan!


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