Monday, January 24, 2011

Potty Training Time

My son Miles will be 3 next month. With that comes the recognition that diapers will soon be a thing of the past. My philosophy on potty training will be revealed here today. I hope there are aspects you agree with, but of course, I am fine if you don't agree either. My husband believes kids should be trained by the time they are 18 months. (Old school much?) I have a slightly different approach. I believe potty training can be super easy if your child is actually *ready* (emotionally, physically, *mom is ready too*). I was yearning for signs in my son that he may be ready for undies. Afterall, once the child starts eating regular foods and eats as much as my toddler does, it's just better for things to make it into the toilet, instead of dipes right? It wasn't good enough for me to gag at all poop changes, I still didn't think he was ready. I always start out with an open mind. Get a potty chair in the house, and let my children choose their undies at the store. Hype it up for a few weeks (It's going to be so FUN to go potty on the toilet, isn't it? Yes, yes yes!!) then, of course I get some candy in the house (bribery isn't something I have a strong opinion about either way, but I certainly find it necessary for amping up the excitment of potty in the toilet!!). So last weekend, it was "Go time" (show time, time to try the big potty training experience) Saturday comes, I take my son's diaper off in the morning and explain to him that he will be playing with no diaper on and when he feels a little need for a tinkle or a poop, to STOP! What he's doing and run over to the potty chair. Got it? Yup...easy as pie right? Then, I wait...I wait for the messes created by the child who "doesn't get it yet" or the latter, "Mom! I did it!! I went peepee in the potty!" YAY!!!!!! Saturday we were greeted with success. Miles was ready. He had a few accidents and yesterday he had even less accidents. Woo hoo!! My son is on his way to being diaper free!
The whole weekend I was dreading "Monday" which translates to an errand packed morning in undies and the hopes that he truly grasps the idea of "hold it". Oh boy. I said extra prayers last night. Believe I did! This morning, we woke up, I took out a pair of "tractor undies" got Miles dressed. Pleaded with him to sit on the toilet to allow his morning urine to flow into the toilet, instead of into his undies in the car. I was envisioning a mess in the carseat. (Remember, I set low standards. Meaning I expected the worst). He refused to sit on the potty this morning. I took a deep breath and explained it was a long drive to drop Acilia at school. We got to school. I had every intention of taking him into the bathroom there to atleast try again. Miles asked me while we were in the hallway "Where's my potty chair mommy?" "Oh honey, do you need to go potty?" "NO!" "Let's just try, this bathroom here has fun big toilets and mommy will go first." "I don't want to mommy" (he begins to dance a bit, a sure sign he has to go and is trying to hold it) "Mommy will go first, you just watch and then we will try; ok now it's your turn" I coaxed him onto the toilet, told him to hold on to me, I wouldn't let him fall. Then a tinkle. Then a stream. Then Miles giggles. How precious :) I praised him and we were on our way!!!!
The true success comes when there is more than potty in the potty. The real deal is when there is something "yucky" in the potty. Right? Tinkle here, tinkle there. Got it, but most kids want their dipes for the big "number 2". I thought we would have a problem with this one. Then this afternoon, day 3, Miles comes to me "Mommy! Come see something yucky" UH OH I thought...I surely have a mess to clean! Miles leads me to his potty chair where this a beautiful solid "Number 2!" WOOOOOHOOOO!!!! "Baby! You did it!! I am so proud of you!!!!! High 5!! You get a SUCKER for that!"
Miles is proud of himself. He looks so much older now, with his glow of excellence. What a sweet little boy!! :)

"I'm a big boy now!"


  1. WTG, Miles!! I completely agree with your philosophy. It's a total breeze once they are actually ready. Great job to you both! ;-)

  2. I agree with your philosophy as well. I tried potty training my son around 2-2 1/2. He just wasn't ready and with a little sister arriving soon, I was afraid he would revert anyway so I just stopped and said he will let us know when he's ready.

    After several months of changing TWO butts, Judah at about 3 years old told me one day he wanted to use the big boy potty. From that day on he's been completely trained!

    My daughter is now almost 2 1/2 and she is ready. (I heard girls are ready earlier than boys).

    Just yesterday evening she was saying "Owie!!! Poppy poppy" and pointing to her bottom.
    I but her on her little seat and she went poop!
    She was so exited she jumped up and kept saying "PEE! PEE!" and I kept correcting her saying "Poop! You went poopie on the potty! I am so proud of you" Then she got some candy!

    I am excited for her to be out of diapers!

    But then in May I am expecting another little guy so it will be right back with the diaper changes :)

    I love the picture btw! I love little bums!

  3. I am glad I am not alone with my thoughts!!! Thanks for sharing your stories!


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