Friday, January 14, 2011

One word

Start of a new year, fresh, promising, anything can happen. How about choosing ONE word to describe your thoughts for the next year?
What would that one word be? I am thinking of a word, have not yet narrowed it down to just one. I know what I hope for this year, and what I envision changing about myself and my life, but one word to describe it ? It's not as easy as it may sound....
I wanted to share this challenge with you, to urge you to think of a word for your year. Please be sure to let me know when you come up with one. I am interested to know!

(I will be sure to let you know, when I come up with my word too)

*This is my not idea, I got the idea from my favorite radio station KLOVE


  1. I heard about this on another blog too! I love it, but I haven't thought of a word yet...

  2. It's really hard to narrow down to just one word...I am getting close though! :)
    I will look forward to seeing your word, if you come up with one and choose to share!


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