Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Embarking on a new adventure!

I've decided it's time to host a photo challenge each week. I have a keen love for houses. I adore the little charming details on homes and often times find myself wondering what it would be like to live in a home that is so attractive. I am envious of homes that are well put together, with exciting features that show the owners have a true knack for making their residence ooze curb appeal!

The challenge link ups will take place on Fridays. I am working hard to get it organized to begin THIS week.

If you would like, you are free to get to work finding an "abode that is alluring", snap a picture of it and post it on your blog. If there is no link up come Friday; feel free to put the link in my comments section so I can see!

I will iron out the details; I promise! Until then, please bear with me!

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