Monday, April 30, 2012

I have a dream and it takes patience

I am yearning, longing, aching for a new home. It's no secret here, I've talked about it many times before and if I had no control, I would talk about it every single day on here. I realize it's a rather boring topic for some and if I want to maintain any sort of readership, (I truly appreciate my readers!!!) I have to stay focused on bringing inspiring, hope filled, optimistic posts. That's my goal anyway, that I am delivering useful words that speak to your heart in a sunshine type of way!

At the beginning of the year, I chose one word to be my theme for the year. That word is:

Boy, is my patience being tested this year! I am working inside of myself at a motivated speed to maintain composure and be a patient person. This is incredibly hard for me, I am a more impulsive, strive to get what I want type of a person. Truth is, I am learning that without patience in my life, I may not truly ever feel content. If I am always rushing to the next step in life, I won't sit back and just revel in what we "have". The here and now. That is something I struggle with not only because I am not naturally a patient, wait for the reward type of person. I am hoping the journey through this year with patience, will teach me a few things. We are almost 5 months into the year, and I can say that word has popped into my head to convict my impulsive self many times. I am thankful for the moments where I am brought back to reality. As hard as it is to be in reality sometimes, it's a necessary step of my journey. God works so hard in me, I can actually feel the tugs and pulls on my life on a regular basis!

The "wait" game is opening my eyes too. I couldn't possibly give much thought to what I want if I don't spend time yearning for it. Seeing things, dreaming of them, figuring out what we want in a home, in our life.

I keep a close eye on the market in my area, newly listed homes come to my inbox almost daily. I enjoy seeing what's out there, what we are in for when we are infact a part of the housing market, the day our home has a "For Sale" sign in the yard. I can see it, I can feel it, it's not time yet, but the day that it is time, will be a beautiful day for my soul! 

Yesterday, a home came into my inbox, it's newly listed, it's a little bit higher than our projected budget, but Lord have mercy, it's my dream home! 

My dream home would have an open floor plan:

It will have an eat in kitchen:

It will have lot's of windows for a light and bright feel:

 Some "depth" & character:

 It will have a well established landscape with room for us to be outside to enjoy nature:

It must have a garage that is acceptable for Al to run his business, a potential for enlarging the garage to fit a bucket truck and shop in there:

This home has it all! I drove past today, just to tickle my dreams a little bit and prayed while I drove past. Lord knows exactly what is right for us and when, but I believe it's important to ask anyway. Logically speaking, there is a great possibility that this home will NOT be available a year from now. There is also a great possibility that the sellers would not be willing to cut the price of their home by about $70,000 so it is within our budget, but my heart was relieved once I came home and found that the websites that state "current value" are showing this home very much in our budget, therefore, the sellers could have what I call a case of the "hope it sells for more than it's worth, even in a bad economy" syndrome. That could work in our favor :)

Waiting is hard. But dreaming and believing keeps my spirit happy!

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  1. found your blog frmom kelly's korner!

    cute title and background! patience is something i struggle with quite frequently (especailly with regards to His plan for Me lol)

    happy weekend!


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