Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Made it to May!!

Hooray! Hooray! We made it to May! This may not seem  like a big deal, but this year for some reason when May 1st hit, I started thinking about how I "made it". I dragged myself through winter as I do every year, with anxiety and seasonal depression in tow and though spring summer weather made a cameo in March, and technically spring arrives in March, it takes the month of May to really feel like we are on our way to summer. I work so hard to find things I like about each season. Summer is the best, I like spring because it means summer is on it's way and fall is tolerable with the crisp temps and absolute beauty of the trees turning and all things harvest. Winter is by far my least favorite. I do enjoy a little sledding in winter, I love the buzz around Christmas, but ultimately I can not bring myself to enjoy winter, I literally count the days till the end barely tolerating the cold temps and icicles hanging from the roof. My spirit comes alive once the snow melts and the grass starts to turn green. I am a summer lover through and through. May 1st arrived yesterday and I started thinking about how the school year is almost over and how my relationship with the alarm clock can go on hold until September, I can look forward to spending lot's of time with my kids, exploring nature all around us. Having a lighter schedule which includes getting up and getting ourselves dressed each day whether it be in swimsuits or sundresses and doing all the things we love to do! My biggest responsibility in summer is "don't forget the sunscreen"! It's such a free spirited time of the year. We aren't rushed through our days, or crunched to get to bed on time, we enjoy being outdoors seeing nature alive and thriving! It has arrived, we have made it! May is here and with only few weeks left of school for the littles, I am going to enjoy my extra free time once my A&P course is over. Speaking of, I have a lab practical tomorrow and my final on Tuesday, then I am DONE DONE DONE! This course has been my most challenging by far. It didn't help that Al's acute kidney failure happened at the beginning of this semester, I was pulling D's on all my tests, my concentration was simply not there! I came to terms with having a C in the class which is minimum to pass to the next step, I found out last night I have a 77% in the class. Technically if I do well on these two upcoming tests, I could potentially bring my grade up that last 3% that's needed to get a B. So the challenge is not over yet, even though my motivation is mostly completely gone! I would definitely appreciate some prayers that I can keep it going all the way through and that it pays off! I would be content with a C, because it took a lot of work to get even that low grade, but a B would make me feel world's better!!

Here's a funny story related to my A&P course, we learn allllll about the body, how it works, where the parts are, the medical names, the whole shebang. I went for my yearly check up at the gyne the other day and as I was walking out I noticed a little model of a uterus sitting on a counter. I thought to myself, oh look, there's the fimbriae! It made me giggle to myself because I would never have cared what the name of that teeny tiny part near the ovaries was until I had to study it for a test :)

On the topic of the gynecologist, let me just take a moment to share the importance of annual check ups. It's critical for your health, so even though you can most likely think of ANYTHING else that's more fun, it's a necessity of life. Take the time to take care of yourself! Further on that note, I am going for a mammogram. I am only 31 years old, which is young for a mammogram, there is no cause for alarm, (I believe) I've had a little bit of pain on and off in my left breast, it's different from typical hormonal pains. I checked it out with a self exam, my doctor checked it out the other day, we both found nothing, however he feels to be safe, it's wise to go get it checked out with a mammogram. I am thankful for the opportunity to have a doctor who cares enough to make sure I am in the clear. I am praying it's nothing, I feel confident it's nothing, but it's worth being checked out. So there you have it, another random post via Karrie! Enjoy your day!


  1. I'm not a winter person either. Now that the warm weather has hit I spend the majority of each day in the garden. Pure heaven!


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