Monday, April 9, 2012

She knows! :)

Well, tonight will go down in my memory bank for many years to come! I picked Acilia up from cheer tumbling, it was just the two of us in the car and I took that as my opportunity to share with her the news I had been waiting to tell. Who hid the eggs? I turned the radio off and told her I had something very serious to talk to her about. I started with, "you remember last night you asked me who hid the eggs?" she said "yes" I replied "What would you think if I said I hid them every year?" A shriek from the back seat "MOM!" :::deep breathing:::: :::::eyes bulging::: "You are the EASTER BUNNY!?!?" her adorable and dramatic reaction which I can't possibly portray through words, had me cracking up with tears down my face. She was taking it all in, I dropped another bomb... "There's another one"...."what mom!? MOM! You are SSS..." "I'm what? Cya, what were you going to say" YOUR SANTA TOOO!?!?!?! MOOOOMMMM!" She couldn't believe it, but she was entertained, her little body shaking with thrill, what to do with this news?!?!?! "Cya, there is one more..."  a pause..."What other holidays are there ?" asked Cya, I said it wasn't a holiday, then if I recall correctly I said something along the lines of "do you think I might be the one that puts money under your pillow when you lose a tooth?" "MOM!!!!!" her little voice as she was piecing all of this together was just too much for my mom heart. The moment was bursting with cuteness!! I then followed up with, but there is one that is REAL and there is no denying it and that will always be the case and she replied "GOD". "Yes honey, God is real!" We then conversed about how special it is that she now knows what only older kids and adults know, and how important it is to never ever talk to another child about it (especially one that's younger than her, namely her brother) and how she got to experience the "magic" for a full 8 years. I also explained to her how this is part of holidays and that will never change and it's just the way America embraces these stories that makes it so cool. How my grandma talked to me about holiday characters and her grandma probably talked to her about it and generations beyond. She was bursting at the seams, wanted to tell someone about her new knowledge. I allowed her to call my mom, she is always the first one we call with news :) When she hung up the phone, I shared a story with her about how my cousins were always so great about keeping the magic alive for me for as long as possible because I was the youngest one in the family and they knew how important it was to keep it a secret until I was old enough! So it is Acilia's new found responsibility to be respectful with this information and with that, she is part of the "club"... the club that knows that there is magic in Christmas and Easter yet she knows the inside scoop to the magic :)
My little girl is growing up and she is embracing it that and I love to see it!


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