Monday, April 23, 2012

The other side

As I sit here today rejoicing for Giuliana and Bill Rancic I am thinking about how often people travel a really rough road. One that seems to give never ending "hits", the bad news keeps coming, you feel discouraged and hopeless, but something in you says "keep holding on" there is light at the end of the tunnel, keep moving forward, that drive is a blessing. We have all had experiences that have felt like the toughest trial in our lives. I have my own experiences too, coming to terms with a surprise, out of wedlock, pregnancy (my first child), buying and then renovating a home with my fiance while caring for an infant turned toddler and planning a wedding, more serious things like dealing with the trials of having a husband on dialysis and going through a kidney transplant, going through some major and serious trials in my can be incredibly hard. Holding on and getting through it though is what is the reward. Relying on hope and believing that you will get through the tough times and to be able to look back in hindsight. It's a true blessing. All of your experiences in life are what bring you to who you are today, and the cool part is, grace from our Father in Heaven allows you to get up and start fresh each and every day. This applies to everyone. The tough times are made manageable by having faith in Our Father, that he will take care of you and in a way that no one else could. To know that you can find that deep in your heart, that you are truly never alone, it's something that I find so very comforting.

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