Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Two randoms

I have two things on my mind tonight. School and a house.

We have had in mind that we want to move since 2008. The economy and Al's health have been what have kept us from moving. There is a house I went to see today, it's been "haunting" us. I went to see it back in 2008 when it was up for sale for (ready for this??) over $100,000 DOLLARS more than it's listed for now!!! I still can't believe it. The price now is because it's a bank owned property. It's vacant and needs some work, but it's in sound shape and it would be a place my family could be very comfortable!! To run down, it's on 1.3 acres (Acilia's dream of owning a horse someday COULD come true at this house, that alone makes me giddy to think about!!) it has 3 bedrooms plus a loft that we could someday turn into a 4th bedroom if baby #3 ever works into our cards. I can't get it out of my mind. I have a way of obsessing over things when I am pondering something big. How to make it work, CAN we make it work!?!? Afterall, we do still have the house we live in. The simple solution would be to rent it out until the economy gets better, so we don't have to lose money on hubby's hard work and dedication when we purchased it. In a nutshell, that's weighing heavily on my mind. Mostly because it keeps popping up to grab our attention when we least expect it. I told Al if the price drops (it is due, last price drop was in June, banks drop the price on foreclosed homes about once a month) again, we need to make an offer. It's just something we need to do. I feel it.
I took the kids to see it yesterday, of course we just walked around outside, since it was all locked up. I had them run through the yard, it was heart warming to envision many years of having a yard for the kids to run their hearts out!

Thought number 2 comes in where I think oh my gracious it's AUGUST!!!! I signed up for anatomy and physiology for the Fall semester. I started classes in 2008 and since then, I have been putting this class off! It intimidates me beyond belief and since I *need* to have it and I am eager to get into the nursing program, it's just time. I am apprehensive though!! I have taken numerous courses and each class I have gotten an A. The ante is up. I have it as a deep desire to maintain my 4.0 grade point average, though realistically I know I can't possibly keep that average through all of school. I will be heartbroken when I break the trend. I just know it and this class; it could potentially be what breaks me. So, I am scared. Ready for the challenge, but definitely scared. My motto is "Baby Steps". With everything that comes in your life, just take it one baby step at a time until you get through it. This is a time in my life where I must practice my own advice. Boy it's hard!


  1. You can do it, Karrie!! You are so dedicated. See what doors open with the house. You never know. God may have amazing plans for it and your family.

  2. praying for you, girl! we'd love a house and yard too!
    good for you being in school, press on. xo


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