Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dupage County Fair 2011

We go to the county fair each and every year. It's a fun time for our family. It runs from Wednesday - Sunday the last weekend of July. We've been spending many hours and mucho dollars at the fair for many years in a row now and I have to say there is nothing more fun to do during the summer!! Even though the days are usually beyond hot, I almost always wear uncomfortable shoes and there is a LOT of walking; it's still a family favorite. I usually take the kids on the first night. This year I dropped the ball and waited until the second night to go! :::Gasp!:::: we had so much fun though and we didn't even go on any rides! Acilia loves animals (no surprise!!) so she spent time on the pony rides and with the animals at the petting zoo. Miles spent a lot of time at the Lego tent and in the corn pile with trucks. We also visited the duck races. Acilia was called to race a duck, she ended up winning the "grand prize" which was a duck visor and duck whistle. Ha! Fun stuff!

The next night, (Friday) Al and I took Miles (Acilia was at her cousins' house) he had fun showing daddy the Lego tent and we walked all around. He got to go on a few rides and really soaked up his time with mom and dad.

The following night (Saturday) was a first for Dupage County Fair; a monster truck show!! I had a feeling my nephew Joey would enjoy the show, so we brought him with us. I didn't quite know what to expect, I also didn't expect to enjoy it so much!! I was so impressed with what these vehicles could do and impressed that my camera cooperated with my picture taking!! I have been so bad about uploading pictures; but I do promise there are many pics that I've been taking, and of course will share here when the time allows!

The following day (Sunday) was the final day of the fair. That's horse show day. Acilia and I have a tradition of getting to the show first thing in the morning and spending many hours in the hot sun admiring the horses! We were introduced to 4-H this year and it turns out there is a group that's all about horses. I was beyond thrilled to find this out and the best news is you have to be 8 to participate in 4-H, do you recall who just turned 8 in June?? That's right! Acilia!! I love when things are dropped in our laps, counting our blessings!! I contacted the office and found out meetings start for the new year, next month! There are about 70 kids in group ages 8-18. Acilia is going to LOVE IT!!
Al had said he wanted to take Miles to the demolition derby, since Acilia and I got to spend quality girly time together all day. I was fine with it, until the time came and Acilia and I wanted to go too! :) We made it a family thing and another fair event was thoroughly enjoyed!!

I don't know when or if we will ever get sick of doing the same thing year after year, but the County Fair always fulfills our pallet for animals, nature, hot summer weather and fair food!! Oh yeah, and the rides!! I am always impressed with my daughter's ability to get on the rides that make my stomach jump!! Crazy kid! She's been going on the fair rides as long as she was tall enough and I still get nervous watching her!! I have a feeling Miles will be joining her next year! :) Yes, that's right, already talking about next year. Can't wait!! Sunday came as we were leaving, and I found myself a little melancholy. I really enjoy having something wholesome and fun to do each day, and the fair fills that for us!

And, because I used to enjoy writing poems, and feel the "burn" to write one, let's see what I can come up with:

The Fair:
Family fun
for everyone,
the fair offers
funnel cakes
corn dogs
ice cream too.
Rides that make your stomach jump
rides that spin around
rides for boys and girls alike
rides that flip you upside down.
Walking, running, laughing, eating
never a dull moment to be had
carnival adventures
lights and lines; tickets and cash
all that's spent makes me want to dash
The animals are plenty
horses, sheep, pigs, goats
rabbits, chickens, cows
all making their presence known.
Each year the fair promises a fun adventurous time
Though my germophobic ways can't quite get past the grime!

(Ok, it's been a while since I wrote a poem, maybe I should stick to just writing out my thoughts! Ha!)


  1. Glad you had fun. Great poem to capture it all!

  2. i love the fair!!!!! I grew up with 4h and the county and state fair.. the h Program for horses rocks!!!!!


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