Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I did it!

I started school in 2008...to begin my long journey towards stepping out of stay at home mom and stepping into RN. There are many many MANY hoops to jump through in the process of preparing for nursing school. There was one in particular I've been putting off. Anatomy and Physiology. The class intimidates me. I've heard horror stories. It's something that must be done though, and I've put it off long enough. Today was my first night of class. I sat through it, and was relieved that the instructor wasn't speaking a language I couldn't comprehend. I actually followed along quite well with complete understanding. I think this class will be ok! Good thing too, because a few of my fellow CNA students starting nursing school today. That was a bit of a kick in the gut. I'm SO happy for them, but I am ready for it to be my turn. I don't at all regret taking the "slow and steady" route. I have taken one class per semester, so my focus can be on each class, yet still remain on my 2 little lovelies! If all goes well, I will apply to the program at the beginning of next year, and *I* will be the one starting nursing school at this time next year. It's so exciting to think about, I must remind myself to keep taking it slow though! I am too close to mess it up now!!

And, complete and total side note: the last few nights I've been trying to break my nighttime snacking habit. Woooo, not going well tonight at all! I started well, then rapidly started downhill. It is now 12:07 am (SHOULD BE IN BED HELLO!!) and I am sitting here snacking on twizzlers instead! UGHUGHUGHUGH!!!


  1. I actually loved my Anatomy class! WAY better than physics in my mind! You are going to do great my dear!!

  2. Good for you. Keep going and you will be done before you know it!


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