Thursday, August 11, 2011

Took it's toll

The economy that is. It took it's toll on our family. We are blessed in the way that Al has a job. He started a company from the ground up 5 years ago and I am amazed at how well he knows business. It's in him, he taught himself how to run a company and it will always impress me!

But, we found a house that's perfect for our family. Large yard (would be big enough for a horse; Acilia approves!!) home has a lot of room and the price is a steal!
Bank told us no. They won't give us a loan, we have a loan already and because we didn't want to lose money on this house (blood sweat and tears equity anyone?) so we were going to rent it out until the market climbs a bit.
The bank said no.
Al has excellent credit, we have only a mortgage and minimal debt from a car loan.
The bank told us no.
I knew walking into it that we would most likely be told no, let's face it, banks are skittish at this time, so many defaulted mortgages out there, who can blame them. But we would have paid our bills. Al has excellent credit because he takes his finances quite seriously.
The bank told us no.
I was so disappointed when I got off the phone with the lender that I was hoping would pre approve us.
I called Al and vented a little bit. I feel bad about that. I should have vented to God, God could have steered my emotions to a place of logic.
The bank told us no, but the good news is God says yes.
God promises blessings, he promises to care for his children. God has blessed us with a roof over our heads and a way to pay the mortgage. My family is comfortable all things considered, and I feel awful tonight about how I let a case of the "wants" get in the way of necessity. We will be staying in this house for a few more years. A few hours ago, it would have killed me to say that, as I type this though, I am blessed with a peaceful hope that everything will work out in the end.
In the meantime, we are stuck here for a few more years! Love this economy!


  1. Love this one. Love that God says "yes".

  2. Praise God for this many are struggling to keep a roof over their heads.. and you have one... the 'right house" is coming for you.. This jsut seemed like the right one..o his

    My hubby keeps getting more and more added to his plate.. He is making a name for himself for sure.. but I oftn complain that there should also be more compensation. My focus should be "thank you Lord for making sure he has a job"

  3. Sometimes God says no too, because He has a better plan for you!


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