Thursday, August 4, 2011

A little note

Just so you know, I LOVE comments. Love them :) I am so glad I learned the "show email" trick, because I reply to the comments through email. Not here. If you are a "private" blogger, don't be discouraged, this note is for you!! I read each and every comment that comes through and I always want to reply, seems silly to come here to reply though, because I know back when I was a "private" blogger, I didn't go back to check replies on comments I had made on blogs.

So, just so you know, I am replying now, thank you for your comments!! If you open up your email, I will reply directly to you. Promise!! :)

Incase you want your comments replied to, it's a simple fix. Go to "dashboard" click next to your profile image where it says "edit profile" go under "privacy" and be sure to click "show email".
You will open yourself up to all sorts of replies and validations for the words you take time to share!! :) :) :)

OR, just link me to your blog, I will be sure to visit!

Thanks peeps!

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