Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Respect update

I'm checking in at this point, 7 days in, a whole week of focusing on respecting my husband. I hope you are enjoying the daily posts (for some of you it's reminders, some of you it's new lessons, some of you it's old news...) 21 more days to go. I have learned that respect comes in small, simple ways. A compliment that builds your spouse's self esteem. It's hard for me sometimes to get the words out without feeling cheesy, but goodness gracious when I *do* get them out, they are well received. Al is almost surprised to hear the words cross my lips. That both invigorates me, and makes me sad. I think he's right, I have been disrespecting him all these years. Not in a purposeful way, but I have certainly been unaware of what it means to respect your husband. It doesn't mean kissing the ground he walks on, it simply means being his cheerleader, building him up, making him feel like a man, most of all, listening to him!
"Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." Proverbs 12:18

I have often times found myself feeling quite ignorant to God's wishes. What he requests is so simple and easy yet, I find it impossible to find these truths on my own. God has lead me to each and every thing I have learned in my marriage and otherwise. I can not tell you how many times I have searched for Biblical advice and found exactly what I am looking for. The BIBLE is truly, without a doubt, the instruction manual for life. It has answers for E V E R Y T H I N G ! 

On that note; have you ever felt incapable of loving, or better yet, sort of empty inside when you *should* be feeling something?
Well, that was plaguing me for a while. It seemed the closer I was to someone, the harder it was to truly love them. It was unsettling to me because love has a fantastic reputation of being wonderful and I felt like I was missing out. My first step was feeling closer to God. Of course prayer took me that route, I still pray for that. If I feel empty inside, I sit down and really think of the marvelous things that are happening inside of my spirit and I am immediately joyous and full of love. It's like I went to fuel up at the nearest "love station" :) Is that cheesy? Yes, most likely it is, but I believe that if you ask God for something inside of your heart, and your intention is sincere, God will put what you are asking for in your heart, in the way you are to deal with it in your life. 

I am beyond amazed.


  1. "On that note; have you ever felt incapable of loving, or better yet, sort of empty inside when you *should* be feeling something?"

    Yes, yes, and yes... Love you lady. Thanks for making me think tonight.

    And way to go with all the respect and love you're showing your hubby right now!


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