Monday, August 22, 2011

Respect your husband challenge Day 19

Day Nineteen:
Read this description of a wife's description of her beloved - Song of Solomon 5:10-16
Criticism leaves scars; but encouragement can bring healing. Remember that today as
you focus on your "30-Day Encouragement Challenge."
Almost nothing is as devastating to a man as the belief that his wife finds him repulsive.
Sadly, many women unwisely criticize their husbands' bodies.
Have you ever considered how wonderfully God designed men and women? No matter
how a man looks - by the standards of the world - a loving God designed them all, and
they are all "beautiful" in His sight. Encourage your husband today by praising his
As you look over your husband's body, from the tip of his toes to his bald or bushy head,
thank God that your husband is "wonderfully made," then admire your husband verbally.
(Strong arms? Hairy chest? Firm hands? Big feet? Rugged chin? Wide shoulders?
Compassionate eyes? Broad smile?)

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  1. Well... now I'm just jealous I don't have a "wonderfully made" man to admire! ;)


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