Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One word 2013

expressed, formulated, or presented with clarity and effectiveness.

If it's not clear already, I will tell you, I LOVE the challenge of finding one word to focus on each year. Once I decide on a word, I let it echo in my mind many times before announcing it. It sort of reminds me of choosing a name for a child. I used to spend so much time on each and every name I liked, really trying to "feel it" and see if it was the right fit. I'm not naming any babies these days, but I am coming up with words that are shaping each year of my future. Furthermore, I enjoy coming up with the "design" for the word. I do a search for letters, and look over all the images, hand picking each letter of the word. It's hard to tell from the size of these letters, but there are a few that are "my style" so to speak. The "C" for instance is made of butterflies. The "L" is a field of lavender  The "T" is mosaic stone. These are all things that bring me great joy! It takes a bit of time to get each letter just right. It's fun for me to go through that artistic journey :)

As you see above, my word for 2013 is Articulate. Below the word is the definition that most relates to my use for the word. 

I have a history of being "misunderstood". When I say things, there have been many times and with different people, that what I said, came out in a way that was completely different than my intention. I find myself wondering how what I said, could possibly have been perceived in the way it was heard. 

It's happened enough times to know that it's something perhaps that *I* need to work on, not a matter of the people I am communicating with, not understanding me correctly because of their interpretation senses. 

I am working on that this year and by doing so, I will most likely instill the habit of thinking about what I want to say before I say it. Pondering how I think it will be received and possibly thing of a better way to say it, if needed.

Wish me luck! This is a tricky one! Old habits die hard!!

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