Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pay it forward

I got a thank you note this past week, in it was a message about "paying it forward". Many times over the last few years, I've seen how paying it forward is real, and a wonderful perspective for doing good for others.

When Al first found out he had to start dialysis, our family and friends put together a fundraiser for my family. It was so incredibly touching and it helped us tremendously in a time that was emotionally devastating and could have been financially devastating as well.

Since that day, I vowed to myself that when anyone falls on hard times financially, it is my family's personal duty to help in any way we can. The kindness that you feel when people rally around to support you, is unexplainable. We have attended a few fundraisers, along with sending donations to people in need, whenever the opportunity arises! God provides. He really does!

Fast forward to when Al and I underwent the actual transplant surgery. We had made plans ahead of time for him to stay with his parents for the first week after surgery, so he could rest in a peaceful atmosphere and have his mom's TLC. As I recovered, my mom came to stay with me and the kids, she did all of the work in the house that I usually do along with keeping the kids cared for and managed. I was able to rest comfortably and then came the meals!! The families at Acilia's school at the time, set up a dinner schedule, we had meals for the whole first week after surgery!! It was amazing! The meals would have continued, infact they were scheduled to, but I was feeling much better and able to make meals from that point on.

It was from that point that I had my eyes opened to what a homecooked meal can do for a person that is recovering. Since then, I've delivered a few dinners to others that were recovering from a surgery. Paying it forward.

Recently, with my God Story, the thank you I mentioned above, came as a result of that experience. The fact that the recipient of God's blessing was moved to remember this donation as much more than just money.

These are the moments that I am thankful and proud to be a part of God's ultimate plan for all of us. To love and help others, especially in times of need.

I will close with something simple, when I was awakened to a deeper relationship with God, I clearly remember a day when I was driving, flipping through radio stations, nothing really appealing, I was seeking a radio station that was "safe" to listen to with the kids in the car, and each station I had listened to, had "cringe worthy" songs or conversation. I happened to see a bumper sticker on someone's car, it was a KLOVE sticker, curiously, I turned the radio to that station and I've been hooked ever since, it's all we listen to when in the car! I felt it was my duty to then put a sticker on my car, to share this wonderful ministry with others. I can't help but wonder, every time I drive, who has seen that sticker and tried that station.

God's urging is all around us!!!


  1. WOW! This is so awesome! Thanks for sharing Karrie! I am encouraged by your beautiful testimony. Paying it forward has always worked miracles in my family. Last year we went in with a vow to God that we'd give more not only in our offering, aside from our tithes, but also in people with needs. And I am a stay at home Mom. I am proud to say as we stayed committed to our promise, God kept His word(which was not why we did it) Within the same year we were able to pay off our car, received several checks from the mail from a company we thought WE owed, saved more than we've ever had in our 10 yrs. of marriage!... Thanks again for sharing!


    1. That is wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey too!!

    2. You are so welcome! And I hope you don't mind but I have shared your post on my blog under "my blog list"! I think it's so important for people to understand how powerful we all can be TOGETHER even with the state that our economy is in right now and how vital it is for us to live out Jesus' love with hopes that the world would know and see that our God is good!

    3. Hey Karrie,
      So I am new at this whole blogging thing and I didn't know I was suppose to leave my link for people to follow smh I thought when you post something it automatically attached your link to it.):

      But I'd love to get some pointers or tips from you on this whole blogging adventure.(: Thanks


    4. You are sweet to want pointers from me! I am flattered. I write when God speaks to me. I share what He guides me to share (hence my blog title) Keep blogging from your heart and your blog will be just fine! :)

  2. I love this... absolutely love it. And I'm so glad you found a decent radio station! I was just thinking today how annoyed I am with pretty much every radio station ever!

    1. It's fun to follow the opportunities I believe God places in my path! :)
      Check out, check out some of the artists!!
      Let me know who some of your favorites are!


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