Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fascinating winter fun

I am not a winter lover at all. Not a fan of the cold, or all the yucky viruses that go around. Winter is not for me. However, we've made it through all of Christmas break without measurable snow and I was craving some "winterlike" fun today as a last "hurrah" before school starts on Monday. 

We were talking about going ice skating at a local indoor arena, but Al is not crazy about ice skating and he felt Miles was a bit young for it to be fun.

I spent an hour online searching for ideas. I was on to the idea of skiing. There are two ski lodges that are fairly close to us (within a half hour away) and they make their own snow, so the conditions of this winter would not affect whether they are open or not. I started pricing out the slope fee, rentals and a lesson for each of us, and it was going to be about $250 for the 4 of us to go. Urgh, that is more than we like to spend on spontaneous fun, so we opted not to go that route. Then we remembered snow TUBING. That's not quite as pricey, we don't need a lesson to learn how to sit in a tube and all of us could participate! So, it was decided!!

For not being a winter person, I was super excited about how we had no snow in our yard, but were planning to drive a few miles and be welcomed into a winter wonderland!

We got there and were greeted by a long wait, we went into the ski cafeteria and tested our patience by having a snack and allowing the kids to draw pictures in the steam on the windows. Then our number was up. We suited up and braved the cold and it was a blast! I enjoyed the perk of the snow tube lift, the local tubing hill we've gone to when there is real snow on the ground has no lift!! This was a fun lazy type of approach :)

Proving there was no snow on the ground as we were about to embark on our tubing excursion!

HUGE snowflakes as we walked in!

enjoying the lazy ride on the lift :)

So, we got our fill of snow fun, now bring on Spring! :)

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  1. I love this! There's (obviously) lots of places to tube in the mountains and I'm dying to try it!! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. Some good family fun!! :)


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