Monday, October 29, 2012

The heart of my daughter

I am not sure I can accurately articulate how I feel about my little big girl Acilia. She blows me away sometimes and it's a true blessing to behold. Acilia's natural personality, is that of a wise, insightful woman with a touch of innocence and spunk. Each day there is a new piece that she reveals about herself, that makes me fall deeper in awe of her. There are many qualities about your children, that once they finally embrace each one, your heart feels more full. Acilia embraced the essence of compassion and empathy yesterday when she made one simple request.

I had the joy of getting some alone time with Acilia. She decided she wanted to go out to run errands with me. She is not a fan of shopping and chooses to stay home any chance she gets, but when she's got a few dollars burning a hole in her pocket, she suddenly is my best shopping buddy! We were headed to the store, Acilia had $13 in her hand to spend on anything she wanted. As we drove, she asked if I could buy something for Miles. I informed her that he went to the store the day before (while Acilia was at her horse lessons) and was able to purchase what he wanted with his money. She was noticeably relieved. I told her how it was nice of her to think of him and asked what made her think of that? She replied that she thought about how she feels when Miles gets something when she doesn't, and it made her want to bring something home for him.

My sweet angel girl.

I adore this picture. It shows their bond as brother and sister.

The kiddos yesterday playing legos side by side. Don't mind the picture, I took it with my camera, but then took a picture of that with my phone so I could share it :)

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