Friday, October 19, 2012


We are looking forward to trunk or treat tomorrow night! This is the second annual T-or-T for our church and we participated last year too! For those that don't know what trunk or treat is, cars fill the parking lot, they decorate their "trunk" and then the lot gets closed and the kids walk around collecting their candy! It's easy and FUN! 

Some pics from last year: 

Our theme was "games", I found a "Candyland" costume and Al was "Twister" and then we filled our trunk with board games we had and used a twister board as the backdrop. Pretty simple and it turned out really cute!! I also took a deck of cards and strung them across the top of the car!
Family pic. Kids were Little red riding hood and the big bad wolf"

So, to the point of my title "Crafty". This year, the kids are going to be cow(girl/boy) and Al and I will play along by decorating the car in a western theme and dressing Country. I am using Acilia's horses for most of the decor, and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to browse and get some ideas. (Note on Hobby Lobby, my FAVORITE STORE!!!) I happened to find a 18x24 inch barn wood frame and then I purchased some paper that looked western, I purchased some stencils and then came home and got to work!! I am really happy with how it turned out!! I can't wait to decorate the car and see how it all comes together! Oh, best part, the frame was 50% off!! Did I mention I love that store?!?

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