Monday, October 1, 2012

Change of plans

As you may or may not know, I am applying to the RN program next year. This has been my goal for the past 4 years. 4 years looks a tad funny because it's an ASSOCIATES degree, but when you are a full time mom and have to work your class schedule around the schedule of your busy children. It means a slower track. I've been on the slow track to nursing school for the past 4 years, and I am only half way. Miles was born in 2008, I started my first college class that summer. He was 4 months old. My goal was to become a nurse. I wanted to help deliver babies. That was apparent to me when I experienced my birth with Miles and the nurses there, I envied them! As my school journey has progressed, I found out to work at the local hospital, an associates degree is not quite good enough anymore. They now want a bachelors degree. As I calculate in my head, I am thinking, get as many gen eds as I can out of the way before starting the RN program. Complete the RN program in 2 years and add another 15 months to my school journey for a fast track to bachelors. I will graduate in roughly the amount of years it takes to be a DOCTOR. Then, to add to the plan, I decided I wasn't going to just stop at being a Labor and Delivery nurse. I want to be a Lactation Consultant. So, I will get my degree, God willing, get a job in a hospital where I can start working on the 1,000 (not a typo, ONE THOUSAND) hours of mother baby nursing support so I can sit for the lactation exam. I should be about the age of retirement by then.

Fabulous right?
Then, a few weeks ago, I went in to speak with the nursing program counselor. The requirements to apply have changed once again. I need a math class before I apply now. In the past, you needed math for the degree, but not to apply to the program. Which means, I needed to take a placement test, pray I pass with enough points to not need a prerequisite to take the required math course.

I tend to take hurdles in stride, but when the barriers are blinding, it's time to sit back and think about what God is trying to tell me. I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the thought of having people's lives in the palm of my hand, I mean, what if I give a deadly dose of medication? Could I live with myself? I am a great support person. I love to encourage others and I envisioned sitting with my patients as they fill me on in their life's woes. Then it occurred to me, I won't have time for that! I will probably have a heavy patient load and I will have time to get in and get out while keeping a pleasant smile on my face and move to the next patient.

If my ultimate goal wasn't to be a Lactation Consultant, I wouldn't consider this change in direction, but considering my end goal is not going to change, I am going to allow a change in plans!

Last week I was on the Lactation exam website, there are a few paths to choose from. Guess what? Only one of those paths includes being a nurse. There are other options and options that I could easily see working for me! I spent a few days mulling over what a change in direction means, and then I went to visit a counselor to figure out if I could still get a bachelors degree, but in a more general sense. Turns out I have two options, associates in science and associates in arts. Both are transferable to a university so I can achieve the bachelors. I asked what I needed to ask, and have decided to pursue the associates in arts, because it will become an Bachelors in the arts of Psychology when I graduate. I chose Psychology over Science because my logic believes women need a support person that will understand what their body is going through. To relate and empathize with the emotions of being a new mom and the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding. Of course psychology courses will help me with that. I did nurse my own two kids. So I can definitely relate to what they are going through, but this degree will take me where I need to be and I can walk away feeling I truly have taken the right path for me.

Perhaps I have explained this in far more depth than necessary, but to be honest, it helps me to write it out so I can see in black and white that this is the right choice. I am thrilled to say it sure sounds and feels right!

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